How To Use A Solid Moisturising Bar?

I am asked constantly, “How do I use a solid moisturising bar?”

Most people are familiar with the traditional cream or liquid lotions ...The white stuff you squeeze out of a tube or scoop out of a jar.

Solid moisturising bars are slightly different. You simply hold the bar in your hands and your body heat is used to melt the butters and release the oils which then absorb into your skin.

Simply pick up the bar, hold it against your skin and start applying the moisturiser to your face, lips, body or feet. When you’re done, pop it back in its tin for next time.

The main base ingredients are shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax. These three ingredients, combined in their right ratio, make the bar solid enough to handle and store, yet will soften almost immediately with your body heat. Using beeswax, we are able to solidify the shea butter and coconut oil together until your body heat starts melting the bar.

As people are trying the samples at the farmer’s market, I make mention to them, “The moisturiser will initially sit on top of your skin… walk around the market for a while and you will notice how it absorbs and then feels.”

The bars are not greasy as some moisturisers and rapidly absorb into your skin forming a protective barrier.

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

Our customers are surprised by how long one bar lasts. It’s very true that a little bit goes a long way. You simply hold the bar in your hands and your body heat starts to melt the butters and oils which then allows you to apply it on your skin just as you would apply any cream or liquid lotion. You can even just hold the bar and rub it directly onto your arms and legs. When you are finished, just place it back in the tin ready for next time.

One return customer just recently commented on how fresh the bar kept over a long period of time. She had tried other natural skin care products but was disappointed as the product didn’t keep its freshness and developed an unusual smell.

Another return customer was amazed that she only needed to moisturise once every three days as the butters kept her skin sealed and nourished for such a long time.

 There is no need to cut it up,  or use water. You simply hold the bar in your hands and let your body heat do the rest. As long as you are not sensitive to essential oils, the moisturising bars are suitable to use on your face, lips, body or, as I do, on your feet.