Solid Butter Bars - Natural skin moisturiser harnessing the natural power of essentials oils

What are Essential Oils?

There are two different types of oils – Fixed and Essential oils. Fixed oils are derived from both animals and plants, while essential oils are derived purely from plants. Examples of fixed oils are coconut, olive or vegetable purchased at the supermarket.

Essential oil are extracted from plants by a process called distillation. The entire plant can be used to extract the oil including the seed, root, stem, bark, leaves, flowers or fruit. The odour the oil releases is characteristic of the plant itself and is a highly concentrated form of the plant’s natural oil.

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An oil is "essential" in the sense that it contains the "essence of" the plant's fragrance—the characteristic fragrance of the plant from which it is derived.[1]

Essential oils evaporate quickly so they are classed as volatile oils. They have no nutritional content like vitamins or minerals and usually do not leave a residue when applied to your skin like vegetable oils.


Topical Application of Essential Oils

By using the natural power of essential oils our Solid Butter Bars also take on topical therapeutic qualities. Because essential oils are volatile organic compounds that are also made of fat, they are best used diluted in a carrier oil to maximise absorbency.

Essential oils generally by nature are potent and concentrated. When applied neatly to the skin they can cause irritation, redness and in some cases an adverse reaction. It is advised that the essential oils is mixed with another oil called a carrier oil.  These carrier oils are used to dilute the essential oil before they are applied to the skin in massage and aromatherapy. They literally “carry” the oils into your skin where they can be of benefit. Carrier oils are not volatile like essential oils, which makes them a suitable carrier for dilution and application.


One carrier oil we use in our Solid Butter Bars is Coconut oil. Coconut oil is well known for its nourishing and moisturising properties while also being antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Jojoba oil is also used in our bars and is also considered an appropriate carrier oil. The carrier oil also assists the essential oil to permeate the skin by preventing the oil from evaporating into the air if applied directly to the skin.

Carrier oils do not reduce the effectiveness of the oil, but rather have the  opposite effect. Dilution increases the surface area of absorption and with certain oils can prevent sensitivities.

So our Solid Butter Bars make for an ideal carrier! Transporting these beautiful essential oils directly into your skin and blood stream.

Essential oils have a very light chemical weight, allowing them to readily absorb through our skin, and into our cells and blood stream, but it also means that they evaporate very quickly. Our Solid Butter Bars provide the benefits of aromatherapy in a convenient package that can be used at any time.

We believe that essential oils are a natural product that have been given by God for our benefit. Our body can readily absorb and metabolise them without any harmful side effects.

As the butter melts into your skin, the oils quickly absorb along with the beeswax and shea butter, leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturised. You will just love the aroma and feel as the butter absorbs into your skin.


Aromatic application of Essential Oils

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Our Solid Butter Bars not only deliver a powerful topical application of essential oils, but also a sensory aromatic experience. Well before applying the bar to your skin, you are welcomed by beautiful bouquets of delightful aroma giving a foretaste of the fragrances which will be released in fullness as you apply the bar to your skin.

The aroma of the oil can affect memory, hormones and emotions through the olfactory system.   

Inhalation is the easiest way to inhale the fragrances of essential oils to affect your mood and emotions.

There is great evidence that essential oils are absorbed into the bloodstream when inhaled. The large amount of blood vessels in the lungs absorb the oils and then circulate them throughout the body.
— Dr. Josh Axe

A selection of essential oils used in Earthen Vessel Care's original range of Solid Butter Bars to achieve the powerful aromatic and topical experience.


Wild Orange.jpg

Wild Orange

Sweet, fresh, citrus



Sweet, woody, caramel, smoky



earthy, musky, sweet and spicy



Citrus, tart, sweet

ylang ylang.jpg

Ylang Ylang

Sweet, rich, spicy



Powdery, floral, light



Citrus, floral, fruity



floral, sweet, dry

Clary Sage.jpg

Clary Sage

Woody, herbal, coniferous



Citrus, spice, light floral


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